Closing time: A company closes at 10 o´clock pm.

Many bosses probably think: Why the hell are my employees  not working hard enough. But in Japan, a Company has a totally different problem. The Cosmetic-Giant “Shiseido” will from now on turn off the light at exactly 10 o´clock pm because otherwise nobody goes home.

The boss of Shiseido thinks, that his employees are working too hard and he wants them to enjoy the free time with their family.

Shiseido reacts on a governmental request and imposed a closing time.

As the new Workaholic-Mentality is a big part in the Japanese culture, the government asks the employees to spend more time with their family. As a result the rapidly sinking birthrate in Japan should be stopped and hopefully rise again.

What  topsy-turvy world!


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I like the Pope, the pope smokes dope.

With these not really serious meant words, fun is made of the conservative pope.

But even the Catholics cannot deny the importance of the internet, as the Pope asks the priests to use the new Media.

Pope Benedict XVI asked the priesst to use modern communication possibilities like the internet. The new media’s enable the Christianity to initiate a new era of declaring their believes.

This was announced in his massage regarding the 44th catholic World Day of social Communication possibilities.

In these days blogs and online-video massages are a not negligible, they are part of the evangelization. A priest needs to give a soul to the modern communication via internet.

Benedict XVI appealed the priest to use this possibility with wisdom.

P.S.: I hope you do not misunderstand the headline. I despise consuming any Drugs.

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Suspected Mastermind: Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden confessed in an audio massage to be the mastermind of the prevented attack on an US airline.

The planed blasting of the airline should be the continuation of the September 11. Attacks as it is mentioned on the Arabian television broadcaster Aljazeera. Likewise more attacks on the United States are announced by bin Laden.

The 23 years old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to ignite a bomb in the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, is called a hero.

This terrifing News was announced at the present day.

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Latest novelty: Dissolution gifts

Wedding gifts are outdated.

The newest trend from Great Britain is the Dissolution gift and the message of the gift could sound like this: Congratulations, you are over this torture right now!

This sounds awkward but a British chain specialized on Dissolution gifts. Usually the bride and groom are submerged with presents and gifts of all kind. But the idea of the British entrepreneur was to offer the friends of the just separated couple a list where they find all the things there friends need to start a new life. This could be a new porcelain-service or towels but also useful things like a TV.

The idea accrued out of the new popularity of Dissolution Party’s!

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I-Phone, the new saver of life

In Haiti a documentary filmmaker survives because he has had a First-Aid-APP.

I do not have an I-Phone and I´m not part of the “App-O-Mania”.
But in these days, the American documentary filmmaker Dan Woolley survived in the ruins of a broken house because he has had a First-Aid-APP on his I-Phone. He was alone with his I-Phone for five days before he was found by a French auxiliary. The First-Aid-APP enabled him to bandage a deep cut in his leg with his T-shirt. A sock was used to stop the bleeding on his head.
Furthermore, the I-Phone helped him not to fall asleep. This would have been – in state of a shock – deadly.

Wonder will never cease!

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